This article will walk you through creating a Form 1040X for a client whose original Form 1040 was created in ProConnect Tax Online. If you didn't prepare the client's original 1040, or you prepared it in a different program, use Amending an individual return (1040X) not created in ProConnect Tax Online, instead.

Before you start:

  • Amended individual returns cannot be e-filed.
  • We recommend creating a copy of the original return to save the original entries as filed; however, printing the 1040X from the COPY return will incur a new charge. You'll want to make changes and print from the original return, while saving the copy for your records.See Copying client returns in ProConnect Tax Online for instructions.

Follow these steps to generate Form 1040X:

  1. Open the return that needs to be amended and create a PDF. ProConnect Tax Online will not automatically fill in the As Originally Reported column of the 1040X, so you'll need to have this PDF handy for the next steps.
    • Click on the File Return tab.
    • Select View/Print Return PDF.
    • Click the View Return PDF button.
    • Print or Download the return for your reference.
  2. Navigate back to the Input Return tab in ProConnect Tax Online.
  3. On the left-side menu, select Miscellaneous Forms > General Information and Federal (1040X).
  4. Click to expand the Return(s) to Amend section at the top of your screen.
  5. Check the box Amending Federal Return.
  6. Enter a 1 in the 1=amending state return field, if applicable.
  7. Make an entry in Year to amend.  This is required to populate the state amended form.
  8. Fill in any data applicable in the Miscellaneous Information section.
  9. Scroll down to the Explanation of Changes section and enter an explanation to print with the return.
  10. In the Federal Income Tax Return section, fill out the As Originally Reported column using the PDF from step 1.
  11. Make any needed changes in the tax return's primary input screens (for example, go to Income > Wages, Salaries, Tips to report a change in wage amounts).
    • Do not use the Correct Amount [Override] column unless you're amending a prior year return in the current year program, or it is absolutely necessary.  The Correct Amount overrides will stop any automatic calculation, and require you to calculate the new tax amount by hand.
  12. Review the 1040X for accuracy using the Check Return tab.

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