To assist with the approaching March 15, 2019 deadline, below you will find important electronic filing deadline information, including guidelines on the IRS "perfection periods" available for resubmitting returns that are rejected on or near the filing deadline.  This information is very important to ensure the return you submitted prior to the deadline remains "timely" if you receive an e-File reject.  Please ensure these guidelines are followed when correcting and resubmitting returns in the days that surround the deadline.

Continue reading below for information to assist with preparing or filing extensions, and popular articles associated with Partnership and S Corporate returns.

Partnership and S Corporate Electronic Filing Deadline Information, including the "Perfection Period" for Rejected Returns:

Would you like to review information on Partnership and S Corporate return deadlines, and the "perfection period" available to correct and resubmit timely filed returns that are rejected?

See: Electronic Filing Deadlines for Corporate S Corporate Partnership Tax Exempt & Fiduciary Returns

Information on Filing Extensions:

Need information on filing Partnership or S Corporate extensions?  Filing an extension may ease the burden of the approaching deadline and provide additional time to complete the return.


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