New! Beginning in Intuit ProConnect Lacerte 2018, the ability to quickly import Partner Data from a CSV file (Excel), is now available.  By mapping excel data to fields within Lacerte, the information can be imported year over year.

Video Demonstration

Partner Data Import from Customer Success & Training on Vimeo.


Additional Information:

When setting up your CSV. (Excel) file, please review the following items for the best results;

  • Only one partner should be listed on each row. 
  • Each item should reside within its own cell.  
  • Partner and related information should reside in the same row.

Sample Spreadsheet

Common import data items to watch for, that can cause errors;

  • Foreign addresses do not contain a zip code and must be manually entered.
  • If duplicate partner data exists it can cause errors.  Check for duplicate names, addresses, ID Number. These need to be removed from the spreadsheet.
  • Check for any blank cells within a column in the CSV. (Excel) file.