How do I send an eSignature request?


Beginning in Tax Year 2017, in addition to the 8879, Lacerte now has the ability to request signatures for the following forms:

  • Form 8879
  • Engagement Letters
  • 7216 Consent Forms
  • Form 4506-T
  • W-9
Requesting an eSignature for Form 8879 in TY17 will be the same as it was in the TY16.   The Form 8879 will be automatically be added to the eSignature request and the signature tags will be automatically added to the 8879 form for you.

Note: For Engagement Letters, 7216 Consent Forms, Form 4506-T, and W-9, the form will need to be saved in PDF format first and then manually attached to the eSignature request via the esignature wizard.  Once the form has been saved in PDF format, follow the steps below to attach the form to an eSignature request.

Follow these steps to send an eSignature request:

  1. Select the client on the Client list.
  2. Click Request from the eSig Status column

Go to the E-File menu, point to Intuit eSignature, and click eSignature Request.
  1. On the "Select the Forms...." dialog box, the Form 8879 will be automatically checked.  If you do not wish to include the 8879, un-check the box.
User-added image

To include a client copy of the tax return, check the Include watermarked Client Copy of Tax Return.
  1. Click Next to continue.
  2. Next you have the ability to upload additional forms from your computer to request e-signatures for. The forms available upload are:
  • Engagement Letters
  • 7216 Consent Forms
  • Form 4506-T
  • W-9
  1. If you do not want to upload an additional form, click Next and go to step #10 of this article.   
To upload one of the supported forms, click the Select Form Type* menu to select the desired form.  The go to the next step of this article.
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  1. Then click Browse File and navigate to the folder where the pdf resides and select it.
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  1. Click Next.
  2. Then verify the taxpayer's/spouse's email address, email message, payment option, etc... is accurate and then click the Request eSignature button.
  3. If additional forms were added to the request, you will be taken the DocuSign website to include eSignatures for the attached forms. Click Proceed to go to the DocuSign website and go to the next step of this article.
Note: If no additional forms were added to the e-signature requests, you will get e-signature confirmation window notifying you that the request has been sent.  Click Close to return to Lacerte.
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  1. Select the documents\pages on the left panel that need an esignatures.
  2. The available tags (Signature, Optional Signature, initial, etc...) are located on the left pane.  Drag the Signature tag onto the desired document to assign the task.
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  1. When finished adding the desired tasks, click Send at the bottom of the screen to send it to the recipient.


Follow these steps to send an additional eSignature request:

  1. Click the Efile menu dropdown.
  2. Select Intuit eSignature.
  3. Click Request eSignature.

Important Notes:

Request eSignature is grayed out:  

  • If you have already used all of your eSignature trial units and have not yet purchased eSignature you will not see the Request eSignature button. Instead, it will say Purchase eSignature.
  • If any of the Taxpayer's or Spouse's information is missing the Request eSignature button at the bottom of the window will be grayed out. Missing information fields will appear in red. 

Additional Charges:

  • When the client file has been copied in order to amend the original return, and you are requesting a new eSignature additional charges will be applied.