Before you start:

  • For an overview of the different Pay-by-Refund programs available, click here.
  • EFIN verification is required before you can enroll in Pay-by-Refund. If you have not yet verified your EFIN with Intuit, click here.
  • You can only be enrolled in one Pay-by-Refund program at a time.
  • You must have an order placed for your Tax Year 2019 program before you can proceed.

Click on your tax program below to learn how to enroll in Pay-by-Refund and check your enrollment status.

Steps for ProSeries Professional and ProSeries Basic preparers:

Steps for Lacerte preparers:

Steps for ProConnect Tax Online preparers:

Contacting the bank for more information:

TPG and QuickCollect: 800-345-4337

River City: 888-820-7848

Refund Advantage: 800-967-4934