How can I check what version of Lacerte I have installed?


Follow these steps to view the version installed from the Lacerte Updates window:

  1. From the Clients tab view in Lacerte, click the Tools dropdown menu located at the top of the screen.
  2. Select Lacerte Updates.
  3. Click the Version Info.


    This will show a list of modules and versions currently installed:

    • The Lacerte Module column displays the tax modules you currently have installed.
    • The Version column displays the modules current version.
    • The Status column displays the date the update was made available for download.  
  4. Click Cancel to close the window.

Follow these steps to view the version installed from the Technical Support Information window:

  1. Press the F10 key on your keyboard. This will open the Technical Support Information window.
  2. Click the Versions tab.
Your current program version information is displayed here.


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