Intuit ProConnect Tax Online Availability Expectations 

Component of ProConnect Tax Online Pre-January Releases January "e-File Go-Live" Release
General Purpose Available for setup and data conversion.  
Intuit LInk Ability to invite clients and send requests. Ability to invite clients and send requests.
Input, Calculations, Diagnostics Due to expected tax law changes by federal and/or state taxing authorities, most tax input, calculations, and diagnostics are not final. Programs will be up-to-date based on the requirements provided by taxing authorities and are subject to change as a result of changes in tax law.  The product will automatically update with each PTO release.
Forms and e-File Due to pending tax law changes and final agency approvals, most forms and e-file capabilities are not final or approved.  e-File transmissions are also not available at this time.   Forms and e-file capability are available after the IRS begins accepting electronically filed returns.  e-File transmissions will be available for approved agencies. 

Click for details regarding federal and state form releases.
Federal and States Most federal programs are available with many forms watermarked.  Most state programs are not available. Click for details regarding federal and state form releases.  For requirements for printing draft forms, see New State Requirements for Printing Draft Forms in ProConnect Tax Online
Functionality Changes Proforma/Transfer returns change Proforma Data Requirements from State Agencies

ProConnect Tax Online Release Schedule for Tax Year 2018

Important: This is an approximation of the release dates for Tax Year 2018. All dates posted are subject to change without notice.
Tax Year Release Online Availability
2018 Tax Year 2018 Release 11/16/2018
2018 Update 12/12/2018
2018 Update 1/9/2019
2018 Update 1/16/2019
2018 Update 1/22/2019
2018 Update 1/23/2019
2018 Update 1/24/2019
2018 Update 1/25/2019
2018 Update 1/29/2019
2018 Update 1/31/2019
2018 Update 2/5/2019
2018 Update 2/7/2019
2018 Update 2/12/2019
2018 Update 2/14/2019
2018 Update 2/19/2019
2018 Update 2/21/2019
2018 Update 2/26/2019
2018 Update 2/28/2019
2018 Update 3/5/2019
2018 Update 3/7/2019
2018 Update 3/12/2019
2018 Update 3/14/2019
2018 Update 3/19/2019
2018 Update 3/21/2019
2018 Update 3/26/2019
2018 Update 3/28/2019
2018 Update 4/2/2019
2018 Update 4/4/2019
2018 Update 4/9/2019
2018 Update 4/17/2019
2018 Update 4/24/2019
2018 Update 5/29/2019
2018 Update 6/26/2019

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Where can I go to update the PTO program?
A1. The program is updated automatically. 
Q2. When will the different tax modules be available?  
A2. Individual, partnership, s-corporate, corporate, exempt organization, and fiduciary modules are all available now. The gift return module (Form 709) is expected around the end of February.

Q3. Will there be program releases that are not listed above?
A3.  There are situations where an unscheduled update may be necessary. In addition, as we are ramping up for e-file there may be daily updates in an effort to make the e-file forms available as soon as possible.

Q4. How will I know when my forms are available for e-file? I can see the watermark for paper filing, but I'm not sure about e-file.
A4. E-file updates can occur daily until all forms are released.  Please visit Get Updated Information on Tax Forms Release Status for specific e-file form availability. 

Additional Notes:

  •  All dates posted are subject to change without notice.

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