The Intuit ProConnect Lacerte Update Scheduler is a way to automatically download updates from Lacerte. 

  • Schedule a specific time for the program to download updates, and see the dates and times when the program found updates. 
  • When enabled the Update Scheduler runs in the background of your computer, periodically checking for updates to selected Lacerte products.
  • Ensure the most up-to-date Lacerte products are installed on your computer throughout the year, without interruption to your normal workflow. 
  • If updates are available, they are automatically downloaded and will be installed the next time the Lacerte program is opened.
  • Once the updates are downloaded you will be prompted to install them the next time you open Lacerte.


Update Scheduler vs Update Notification: 

The Update Scheduler is different than the Lacerte Update Notification settings found in the Options > Setup tab. 
The Lacerte Update Notification setting found in the Lacerte Options only notifies you of available updates when you open or switch tax types.  The updates will not be downloaded until the user initiates the download.  For more information on the Lacerte Update Notification setting, click here.


Note: In a network environment, the Update Scheduler only needs to be enabled on one computer.

Launch the Update Scheduler:

If you do not see the User-added image icon on the system tray, click the Windows Start button on the taskbar, scroll down and click on the Lacerte folder and then scroll down and click on Update Scheduler.