When completing an Ohio RITA Form 37 return, page 3, Schedule J is not showing income from the other Federal Schedule C and displays a net number on line 27 column 7 with no explanation.  The worksheet here does show a loss carryover, but it does not net against the amounts displayed in these columns/rows.  

In a sample file, the other income amounts come over from Other Schedule C, and two Schedule Es. 

The form instructions indicate all other income should be listed. Lacerte is netting all income against the RITA municipality loss, but not listing where the other income is coming from, causing confusion. 

  • Use Column 1 to report net profits or net losses applicable to your RITA Resident Municipality ONLY.
  • Use Column 2 to report net profits or net losses for non-taxing Municipalities ONLY. Multiple non-taxing municipalities should be combined to report one total for each Line of Column 2.
  • Use Columns 3-6 to report net profits or net losses from operating a business as a sole proprietor; owning rental property; or operating a farm applicable to all other taxing jurisdictions.


This issue is scheduled to be resolved in a product update 04/30/2019 (Version 39.0430).