The following e-file rejection is received when attempting to e-file an amended New Jersey (full resident) tax return:

Error Code 335: NJ-1040 Line 12a Totals contains invalid and/or missing required data

Reject Resolution: NJ-1040X Line 13a/b/c Totals contains Invalid +/or Missing Required Data.

Please check Exemptions on NJ-1040X Column "As Originally Reported" and make sure data matches NJ-1040X Page 2 Line 30 "Total Exemption Amount".

The Veteran Exemption currently does not automatically flow to Amended Return. Please be sure to enter necessary data on input screen New Jersey Amended Return (NJ-1040X). An enhancement will be release in the future.

Example: In our sample file, the exemptions reported on lines 13a and 13b correctly reflect the exemptions indicated above. Line 13a shows 4 and line 13b shows 1.
According to the instructions: Calculate the amount of your personal exemption allowance on Line 30 by following these four steps: 1. Multiply the total number of exemptions on Line 13a by $1,000. 2. Multiply the total number of exemptions on Line 13b by $1,500.
Based on this information Line 13a should be 4,000 and line 13b should be 1,500. This would make the amount reported on line 30 5,500.


This issue is scheduled to be resolved in a product update 04/30/2019. Please update to the latest version (39.0430) then retransmit your return.