When attempting to produce a credit for taxes paid to another state on a full year Maryland resident return, with DC Unincorporated Business Tax as the 'other state', Maryland Form 502CR does not generate.

In addition, when using Screen 52.271, Maryland Other State Tax Credit to produce this form, State abbreviation includes DC in the dropdown. Using this does not produce the form, only when we delete this and use 'other jurisdiction, if not a state' does the form generate.

This is by design for states that have a reciprocal agreement with Maryland. In this case, the only income is from the DC Form D-30, Unincorporated business tax. The MD program doesn't "see" the DC return as it's the D-30. Maryland did release an administrative update in March of 2019 to clarify that UBT income can be allowed a credit against MD tax.


This issue is scheduled to be resolved in a product update 04/30/2019 (Version 39.0430).