Lacerte Release Dates/Schedule for Tax Year 2018

Important: This is an approximation of the release dates for Tax Year 2018. All dates posted are subject to change without notice.

Tax Year Release Online Availability
2017 Proforma/Organizer 10/23/2018
2018 Release 1 11/6/2018
2018 Release 2 12/12/2018
2018 Release 3 1/9/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 1/17/2019
2018 Business E-file Live (no update) 1/22/2019
2018 Release 4 (date change) 1/23/2019 1/24/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 1/25/2019
2018 Individual E-file Live (no update) 1/28/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 1/29/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 1/30/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 1/31/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 2/1/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 2/5/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 2/7/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 2/12/2019
2018 Release 5 2/14/2019
2018 Lacerte Update (Presidents Day) 2/19/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 2/21/2019
2018 Release 5.5 2/26/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 2/28/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 3/5/2019
2018 Release 6 3/7/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 3/12/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 3/14/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 3/19/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 3/21/2019
2018 Release 6.5 3/26/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 3/28/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 4/2/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 4/4/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 4/17/2019  4/18/2019
2018 Release 7 4/24/2019
2018 Lacerte Update 4/30/2019
2018 Release 8 5/29/2019 6/5/2019
2018 Release 8.1 6/12/2019
2018 Release 9 6/26/2019

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Where can I go to download the Lacerte program?
A1. The program can be downloaded by logging into  My Account or from within the prior year program.

  • MyAccount: Once you've logged in, the option to download the current year program and prior year programs will be available on the landing page.
  • Within  Prior Year Program: From the Tools drop-down menu, select Install Next Year's 2018 Program and follow the prompts.
Q2. When will the different tax modules be available?  
A2. All tax modules will be available for download on the first 2018 Release. If the tax module is grayed out after install you will need to Install Additional Tax Modules.Q3. Will there be program releases that are not listed above?
A3.  There are situations where an unscheduled update may be necessary. If you would like to receive update notifications via email, please visit Lacerte Tax Program Updates for 2018 & Prior Years. In addition, as we are ramping up for e-file there may be daily updates in an effort to make the e-file forms available as soon as possible.Q4. I think something changed in my program.  Is there a place I can visit to review the updated tax items?
A4. All reported issues corrected in a program update can be found within the Lacerte Tax Program Updates for Tax Year 2018 article.

Q5. How will I know when my forms are available for e-file? I can see the watermark for paper filing, but I'm not sure about e-file.
A5. E-file updates can occur daily until all forms are released.  Please visit Get Updated Information on Tax Forms Release Status for specific e-file form availability.

Additional Notes:

  •  All dates posted are subject to change without notice.
  • Packages arriving via DHL Global Mail will be delivered to your mailbox. Transit time in business days.

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