For Tax Year 2018 cooperatives with a fiscal year can receive Domestic Production Activity Deduction (DPAD) passed through from a fiscal year 2017 cooperative, as well as DPAD passed through from a fiscal year 2018 cooperative.  These two amounts are reported differently on Form 1040.  Because of this, Intuit ProConnect Lacerte includes two different input fields for these items within the Schedule C activity input screen, and the Schedule F activity input screen.

Note: These additional input fields were introduced with Version 39.0214.  If you do not see these input fields, a program update is required.


Important E-file Information:

When this adjustment is present, the return will need to be paper filed. For more information, see US Line 10 Statement Not Included in E-file - Diagnostic Ref. 52131


Form 8903 Instructions:
Publication 535:
Form 1040 Instructions (includes Schedule 1):

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