Beginning with Tax Year 2015, the Taxpayer Authentication and Spouse Authentication input section(s) are available to verify and enter the following information:

  • Customer Type - Select one of three options:
    • New Taxpayer
    • Returning Taxpayer to the Same Preparer
    • Returning Taxpayer to the Same Firm (New Preparer)
  • Taxpayer Identity Verification - Select one of the four options:
    • Identity Not Verified
    • In Person - Valid Government Picture ID
    • Remote - Valid Government Picture ID or Financial/Utility Account Number
    • Remote -valid Government Picture ID and Financial/Utility Account Number
  • ID Type - Select:
    •  Driver's License Number
    • State Issued ID
  • Driver's License/State ID # - Some states required driver's license information as a measure to prevent identity theft. Please see: State Agency Driver's License and State ID Expectations for more information.
  • Driver's License State - The state indicated on the driver's license.
  • Issue Date -  The issue date as it appears on the driver's license/state ID.
  • Expiration Date -  The expiration date as it appears on the driver's license/state ID.
  • Additional Information - Enter additional information here.
  • IRS Theft Protection PIN - IRS issued Theft Protection PIN should be entered here.  This is a 6-digit PIN.

2017 & 2018 - Available on Screen 1, Client Information: