The PDF Auto-Attach feature will attach forms generated by the program that are required to be part of the electronic return as a PDF.  This feature works in conjunction with our extensive set of diagnostics to determine when a form attachment is required, generate that form as a PDF, and include with the electronic return when electronically filed.

Lacerte supports the transmission of PDF attachments for the following returns:



Size Limits:

E-File attachments are limited to a combined size of 32 MB.  This means;

  • you can have as many attachments as needed but the combined size of the attachments cannot exceed 32MB.  
While 32 MB is the maximum combined size, you could experience issues transmitting the EF return at around 20 MB.  If you are having difficulty transmitting an EF return with attachments that are ~ 20 MB in combined size, we recommend reducing the size of the PDF(s).

If you have PDFs created from scanned documents, you can reduce their file size by scanning in black and white/grayscale or monochrome and by reducing the dots per inch (DPI) when scanning.

Additional Information:

  • Do not attach any documents that require IRS approval or attention.
  • If the taxpayer is signing the return using Form 8453-C, a signed copy must be attached prior to transmission of the return.
  • After the PDF is attached to the return, the original PDF document can be moved or deleted and it will not affect the return.