When will I be able to e-File my Federal or State Returns?


This content will be continually updated in preparation for Tax Year 2018 E-file Season

Please refer to the list below for updated status on electronic filing agency approval and start dates for electronic filing.

  • Electronic filing for TY18 Business Returns will begin January 22, 2019.
  • Electronic filing for TY18 Individual Returns will begin January 28, 2019.

To prevent unnecessary delays or e-file rejections, make sure you are on the most current version of the program. To verify your current version, see Checking the Installed Version of Lacerte

Note: Lacerte technical support agents have no additional information regarding e-file status.  The list is updated continually so please refer to this for the latest status of a particular agency. Print form availability can be found here: Get Updated Information on Tax Forms Release Status



  • Exempt organization (Form 990) second extensions cannot be e-filed
  • Estate returns (Form 706) cannot be e-filed
  • Gift returns (Form 709) cannot be e-filed

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