How can I print the E-Organizer after the client has filled it out?

Print E-organizer from Taxpayer's Application:
  1. Open the E-Organizer from the email.
  2. Click the E-organizer link on the left side of the Contents screen.
  3. Click Print at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Select the items to Print  then click Print Selected or click Print All.

Print E-organizer During Import to Lacerte:
  1. Open the E-Organizer received from the taxpayer.
  2. Click Print. 

  3. A window will appear that to choose which pages to print.  By default, all pages applicable to print will be checked with a green mark.  Pages with a red X will not print.

    Note: You can also Select All or Select None.  Additional printer settings can be found by click the Settings button.
  4. Click OK to finish printing.

Print E-organizer After it Has Been Imported:

  1. Open the E-Organizer received from the taxpayer again.
  2. It will prompt to clear data already imported, click Yes.
  3. Click Print at the E-organizer window.
  4. Mark the items to print and click OK.