ProConnect Tax Online now offers a tax planning tool that allows you to give your 1040 clients tax liability data based on anticipated 2018 federal tax rates.  For the first time, ProConnect Tax Online customers can create multiple scenarios customized to their client’s individual tax situation, already prepopulated with their client’s 2017 tax return data.  We know helping your clients plan for 2018 tax reforms changes is important, so we are offering Tax Planner at no additional cost to ProConnect Tax Online customers. We appreciate the opportunity to work beside you through the new 2018 tax reform changes.


Export to PDF
  • Export the summary of the tax plan to a PDF to view and/or print.
  • Enter specific notes for any tax plan.
Import Diagnostics
  • Diagnostic messages can be viewed to show any problems with the imported data.
Multiple scenarios
  • Up to 3 different cases over 3 years for a total of 9 scenarios.  Customize each scenario to help plan and analyze the tax adjustment.
  • Calculations are based on actual current and future federal tax reform rates. Not just rough estimates.
Plan Generation
  • Tax plans prepopulate based on the client’s 2017 tax return data.

Known Issues:

  • Filing status cannot be changed in a tax plan.
  • Number of dependents cannot be changed in a tax plan.
  • Rental Income cannot be entered/changed in a tax plan.
  • State tax plans are not supported at this time.

Additional Information:

  • For a demonstration of the Tax Planner, watch this video.
  • Feedback for the Tax Planner can be submitted via the Send Feedback link in the top right of the Tax Planner window.
  • This article will be updated periodically. If you’d like to get updates and information on Tax Planner, please follow our announcement page from the Live Community. Click here to view the announcement page.

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