Did you know that the ProSeries " Forms Bar" can be used to help guide your tax return input?  The ProSeries " Forms Bar" is a powerful feature that can help improve your efficiency in locating tax forms and speed of data entry. 

Navigating the ProSeries "Forms Bar":

First, let's look at the Forms Bar which is located on the left of your screen when you open a return.  Notice the scroll bar on the right side of the Forms Bar.  Scrolling up and down the Forms Bar, you will see the various forms, schedules and worksheets are categorized or grouped in a variety of ways.  Each category or group may be expanded or collapsed by clicking the + or - sign at the beginning of the section heading. 

The first category is Forms in Use which identifies the forms that are active for the client's return that you have open.

Next you will see the Common Forms category which consolidates and displays the most popular forms used when preparing returns.

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The width of the Forms Bar can be customized to make it wider or more narrow.  Simply grab the right edge of the forms bar with your mouse and drag the edge to adjust the size. 

Scroll further down the Forms Bar, or collapse the "Forms in Use" and the "Common Forms" to display additional sections.  You will notice a section that begins with General Info, followed by Income, Adjustments, then Deductions, and more.  These sections are designed to follow the most common order of data input used when preparing income tax returns.  Each section may be expanded to reveal sub-headings that further group the available forms, schedules and worksheets within ProSeries. 

In the image below, note the expanded Income and Wages sections that provide quick access to the asscoiated forms.

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Scrolling further down the Forms Bar, you will notice the All Forms section.  This section begins will a series hyperlinks and topics displayed in Blue.  The first item in the list, the Forms Index, provides an organized categorical listing of various sections of the return, along with QuickZooms to quickly open a desired section.  In the section, additional QuickZooms will open to the tax form, schedule, or worksheet you desire.  The Form Index is a popular resource that is available to guide you through the tax return preparation and aid in quickly locating needed forms.

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The Form Index can also be accessed from within the Open Forms window.  The Open Forms window can be opened from the ProSeries "Forms" menu ("Select a Form"), or by pressing the "F6" function key on your keyboard - a popular shortcut. 

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Time Saving Tip!  Notice each item listed in the "Open Forms" window above has some letters or numbers in blue?  These blue characters can be used to easily locate a form in the listing.  After displaying the Open Forms window, just type the blue characters to quickly highlight the desired form and then press Enter to open that form.  For example: 

  • Type W2 to quickly jump to the "W-2 Wks"
  • Type A to quickly locate and select the "Schedule A"
  • Type NOL to choose the "NOL Worksheet".