An often overlooked feature in ProSeries is our in-product search capabilities that provides you with convenient direct access to our online support knowledge base, and the capability to search the ProSeries in-product Help content for answers to your questions.  These two search features are always available, 24/7, whether you are on the ProSeries HomeBase or in a client's return.


Ask ProSeries

When a question arises, enter key search terms in the field to the left of the Ask button to search our online support knowledge base.  Ask ProSeries will often help you define your query by providing popular search terms which you may select. 

Your internet browser will automatically launch and display your search results. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, you can easily refine your search terms or apply filters to narrow your results.

We are continually improving this search feature to find new and improved ways to help you locate answers, and we continually add new content as new situations are uncovered.

Search ProSeries Help

Another option provides you the ability to search ProSeries Help content for answers to your question.  This feature does not provide an "auto-complete" feature to guide your entry of search terms, but also provides a wealth of information at your finger tips. 

Enter your search terms in the field provided and click Search to query the ProSeries Help content.

The ProSeries Help Center will open and display your search results.  Search results can easily be refined by changing your search criteria and clicking the iSEEK button.