Modules Accepted for Conversion:

  • Individual (1040)
  • Partnership (1065)
  • Corporation (1120)
  • S-Corporation (1120S)
  • Fiduciary (1041)

Back up clients in ProSystem fx:

Calculate all clients, and remove locks and passwords before beginning the backup process.
  1. Create a new folder on your C: drive named ConversionData before you begin the backup process (e.g., C:\ConversionData).
  2. Open the folder ProSystem fx Tax on the desktop and double-click Production Processing.
  3. Click Calculate Returns, then close Production Processing when it finishes.
  4. In the same folder, open the Office Manager program.
  5. Click Backup Client Data.
  6. In the Create Client List dialog box, select All Clients, then click OK.
  7. In the Select Clients for Backup window, click the clients you want, then click AddOR, click Add All to select all clients.
  8. Click Select Drive
  9. In the Select Destination Drive / Directory for Backup dialog box, set the destination to C:\ConversionData.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Next, open the ProSystem FX installation folder (usually C:\WFX32). If you cannot locate that folder or are unsure of the installation path, open the folder ProSystem fx Tax on the desktop again, right-click on 2017 Tax Preparation and choose Open file location.
  12. In that folder, find the file TDExport (or TXExport.exe) right-click and select Run as Administrator.
  13. In the Select Returns for Export window, you may choose filters for the clients to display or leave every option set to All, then click OK.
  14. Next, select the clients you want to convert and use Add to move them to the bottom section, or use Add All to move all clients, then press OK.
  15. In the Export Data window:
    1. Check the boxes for Interview form data and Calculated data.
    2. Enter the File Name as conversion.exp
    3. Enter the path created in step 1: C:\ConversionData
    4. Press Enter, then click OK to begin exporting data.
Note: Depending on how many clients you are backing up, this may take awhile.

  1. If you receive an error stating Unable to copy temp. export file to %s, click OK
  2. Open the installation folder found in step 11 of the instructions above
  3. In that folder, navigate to the tmp folder (default is C:\WFX32\tmp\). Look for a file with an extension of .exp (for example: $$$3d6c.exp). Right-click on that file and choose Copy.
  4. Navigate back to the C:\ConversionData folder, right-click in an empty spot and choose Paste.

Important: Do not remove the  CLNTBKUP.001  file from your backup submission, or add  .zip  files created from other backups. A valid backup set contains a CLNTBKUP.001 file that is matched to the specific client files that were backed up in that batch. Attempting to combine multiple separate backups into one folder after-the-fact will result in only clients being converted from one of the batches.

Verify Backup

Open C:\ConversionData to view the files that have been backed up. A valid ProSystem fx backup contains files with an extension of .zip. (Your computer settings may hide the .zip extension. The client files may appear as compressed file icons.) You will have one file for every client you are submitting. You should also have one file named  CLNTBKUP.001.