For Individual Income Tax Returns

Client returns prepared in Intuit's consumer products, TurboTax or TurboTax for Mac, can be transferred to ProSeries/1040 and ProSeries Basic/1040 for the same tax year.  However, TurboTax Online files can not be transferred into ProSeries directly.  TurboTax Online files must be saved to the desktop first with a .tax201? extension.  For example .tax2018 for a 2018 TurboTax Online file.  Once the TurboTax Online file is saved to the desktop see the instructions below for "Transfer from TurboTax 1040 to ProSeries or ProSeries Basic 1040". (For steps to save TurboTax Online data file to the desktop see (How to save tax info to my computer?)

  • For TurboTax and TurboTax for Mac Individual files, the transfer converts the file to the same year ProSeries or ProSeries Basic

Important: For year-to-year carryover data to transfer such as Tax History, etc. each return must be Opened, Calculated (F9) and Saved (F10) before transferring from prior year ProSeries to current year ProSeries.

For Corporate, S Corporate, and Partnership returns:

  • Client returns prepared in Intuit's TurboTax for Business Corporate, S Corporate, and Partnership (Business returns) can be transferred to corresponding ProSeries Business returns for the next year (2017 TurboTax for Business Corporation to 2018 ProSeries Corporation)
  • For TurboTax for Business transfers Prior Year TurboTax for Business (Corporate, S-Corporate, & Partnership) to Current Year ProSeries Business Return (1065, 1120, 1120S)
  • File Names are not changed when transferring from TurboTax to ProSeries. Example: If the file was "John and Jane Doe Tax Return.tax20yy" it will transfer to ProSeries as "John and Jane Doe Tax Return.yyp" (Where YY represents the tax year and P represents Partnership).  Please use care not to overwrite existing files when transferring data files.
  • You cannot transfer from ProSeries to TurboTax.
  • If the TurboTax file name contains symbol, such as " / ", it can interfere with the transfer.
  • Passwords from Turbo Tax can also interfere with the transfer.

For steps to Backup TurboTax files please see Save a Backup Copy of Your Tax File.

For instructions, click a topic below that best describes the type of TurboTax file you wish to transfer:

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