Starting with 2015, the Intuit ProConnect ProSeries Basic Edition includes a feature to email password protected PDFs of the clients return directly to your clients. 1

Solution Description:

Simply select Send PDF on the ProSeries Basic Print interface.  ProSeries will create a password protected PDF file of the items to be printed and email this file to the client's email address entered on the Information Worksheet in the Federal return.  The email will be delivered to your client's email using your email address and will contain a brief set of instructions concerning the password to be used to open the encrypted PDF attachment.

To ensure security of the encrypted PDF file, ProSeries assigns a password when the file is created using common information known by your client. 

Using the Send PDF feature:

  1. Within the client's return, go to Print.
  2. Using the tabs at the top of the Print interface screen, select the copy of the return you wish to email
  3. Click the Send PDF button located at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Save the PDF file in the default folder when prompted.  The default folder will be "C:\ProPDF\TY2015\Emailed"
Note: The "Print Preview" button on the Print Center is not available for use with this feature.
  1. If prompted, sign in to your Connected Services account.  If you are already signed in to Connected Services, you will not be prompted.
  2. The Email Preview window will automatically open and display a preview of the actual email that will be sent to your client. Make any customizations here.

  1. When making changes to the template, you can save your changes for all clients by clicking Save for All Clients or you can proceed with emailing without saving changes, which will only be reflected in this one client email.
Note: If you accidentally save changes without intending to you can reset the template by selecting the Restore Default Text button.
  1. When all changes to the email are complete and you have reviewed the tax return PDF (when appropriate), select Email to deliver the message and PDF file to your client.

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Additional Information:

  • A copy of the Password-protected PDF that is emailed will be copied to the ProPDF folder on your computer?s hard drive under the corresponding tax year in a folder named ?Emailed?.  This default location will be C:\PROPDF\TY2015\Emailed.
  • To use the Email Password-protected PDF feature, you must also have a 32-bit Mail Application Programming Interface (MAPI) compliant e-mail application.


  • Outlook 2007 or later, Thunderbird.


  • All 64-bit versions of Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail are not supported by Email Password Protected PDF, the ProSeries Client Checklist, nor DMS.
  • All web-based versions of Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail are not supported by Email Password Protected PDF, the ProSeries Client Checklist, nor DMS.
  • All webmail services (such as, Outlook 365, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc...) are not email client program install on the local computer and are therefore not supported. 
Note: If you are using a webmail service, you may be able to configure it for access through the MAPI email client installed in Windows. Our support agents cannot assist with setup of your e-mail application. Please contact your local IT professional for further assistance.

1  Feature only supported by specific Extended MAPI-compliant email clients. see the Additional Information section for more information.

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