Is there a way that I can check if my EFIN is approved by Intuit?  

How do I confirm if I can electronically file with my EFIN?


To help ProSeries and Lacerte customers determine if you need to submit information to Intuit to verify your Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN), we have implemented an online utility that may be used to verify your EFIN status.

To check the status of your EFIN:

  1. Click here and login to My Account.
  2. On the left navigation menu, click Account, then select Account Details.
  3. In the EFIN section, click the link to Check EFIN Status.

Intuit professional tax software will only support a single EFIN per customer account number.  Your Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) is linked to the customer account number associated with your tax software order, which is used for licensing your software.  

When utilizing the Check EFIN Status utility, the six digit EFIN that you submit will be matched against the Customer Account # associated with your My Account login.  When logged into the My Account and using the Check EFIN Status utility, your customer number will be identified in the blue box per the image above.


Situations where your EFIN Status may show "Not Approved" (denied):
  • You are new to Intuit electronic filing and have not submitted an "Application Summary" as verification for your EFIN.  
  • You are not new to Intuit electronic filing, but your EFIN has changed or you have a different Customer Account #, and you have not not submitted an "Application Summary" as verification for your EFIN.
  • You have made changes to your EFIN Application Summary information and the Application Summary Information is no longer consistent with your Intuit Account Information.  Example: Your business name or address does not match your EFIN Application Summary.
  • You have been contacted by Intuit with a request to submit the IRS "Application Summary" and you have not fulfilled this request.
  • You have received one of the following messages when attempting to electronically file a return.
    • 853 Oops! The EFIN has not been registered to your Account! 
    • 854 Attention! Your E-filing privileges have been temporarily disabled by Intuit. 

Important!  The messages immediately above will be returned if either the EFIN or your Intuit Account # do not match the the EFIN & Customer Account # combination on file.  If your EFIN has been verified and approved, you may need to verify the accuracy of the Customer Number you have entered in your tax software.1 

If you have recently submitted EFIN documentation, processing may require up to 48 hours before the updated status will be reflected.

 1To review or change the Intuit Customer Account Number used by your ProSeries or ProSeries Basic tax software, go to the ProSeries Tools menu, select Options, and in the "Options window", select the Customer Information button.  



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