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2019 Pay By Refund Enrollment - New process for 2019 is now Available.

The NEW enrollment widget for Pay By Refund is live via My Account.

Pay By Refund enrollment is now available for tax year 2019, and is a new process this year.  To enroll, follow the steps in this article:

Items to be aware of:

  • High level enrollment status’ will be returned (Approved, Pending, Denied) this week and can be viewed in My Account.
  • Beginning 11/18/2019, customers will have detailed reasons for Rejected (Denied) enrollments.
  • Once the product is available, you will have an Enroll Now button in-product to access the My Account enrollment widget within:
    • Lacerte Pay By Refund Section (coming soon around December 11)
  • Once the product is available, you can view enrollment status in-product via:
    • Lacerte Pay By Refund Section. (coming soon around December 11)