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ProSeries Ask Me Anything Session

Join us for our ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, held from 11am-2pm Eastern Time, Monday, Wednesday and Friday to get assistance from our Community team.  

A link will be posted below to the direct location of our session below for each interval.  We look forward to this opportunity to answer any questions you may have and/or solving any issues that you may be experiencing. 

You can also browse thousands of topics already asked and answered, or even submit your questions right away to get peer-to-peer support from experts just like you.  Try it now!

To view archived sessions of Ask Me Anything, view here:

NOTE: As it stands, this will be our last session of Ask Me Anything running to the April Deadline.
2 updates

UPDATE, we will be planning to run these sessions M, W, and F weekly though the remainder of tax season! 

Please join us for our Friday, April 12th session of Ask me Anything from 11am-2pm Eastern Time.

Join us here: