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ProConnect Lacerte Notifications - Lacerte Tax Program Updates for 2018 & Prior Years

This announcement page will be updated each time a Lacerte Tax Program is available for Tax Year 2018, 2017 and 2016. There will no longer be a need to subscribe to multiple update articles.

This announcement can be 'followed' in order to receive an email notification each time a program update is available. 

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3 updates

Update Details are Available in the Following Articles:

Updated 2/6/2019 (Version 39.0203): Today's 2017 NJ Corporate/S-Corporate update is live and available for installation.

Lacerte Version 39.0203: Additional calculation update to Version 39.0203 previously released 2/5/2019

Updated 2/15/2019 (Version 39.0216): The 2018 Lacerte Product Update is live and available for download.  

Lacerte Version 39.0215: